Where Should Awards Go on a Resume?

When it comes to showcasing your awards on a resume, the best place to include them is in the awards and achievements section. You can also include them in a personal achievements section if you have one. This section is usually located at the bottom of your resume. If the award is related to your educational history, you should include it in your educational summary.

If it's relevant to previous work experience, include it in your work history. If the award is outside your scope of work and is particularly impressive, such as an annual civic award, include it in a separate awards section to highlight it. You can also include professional awards in your resume in an honors and awards section or in a professional recognition section. If you only have one or two professional awards to add, it's best to include them in your professional experience.

These awards may not naturally be included in the work experience or education sections of your resume, but they can still be highlighted. Company awards demonstrate your value as an employee, while industry awards showcase your experience and authority. If you have won a relevant award that is particularly well-known or prestigious, you can also mention it in the summary of your resume to emphasize it (especially if the person reading your resume will know what the award is without further details). Awards you received for something you did as part of your job should be included in your work history.

Academic awards should appear in the education section of your curriculum in bullet points below your school information. When it comes to including awards in a resume, remember to include the details of when and where they were awarded, such as the date and the school, university or company. If this is a particularly prestigious award, you can include a brief description of the activity that earned you the award. Including awards on a resume can help demonstrate your value as an employee and showcase your experience and authority. When listing awards on a resume, make sure to include details such as when and where they were awarded, as well as a brief description of the activity that earned you the award.

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